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Ignited by Skills for Generative AI

Are presentations causing

more confusion than clarity?

We get it. The struggle is real.

What's the issue?

  • Cliches, long unnecessary words, and rambling sentences
  • Dull presentations
  • A lack of critical thinking in AI for business communication

The result?

Your stakeholders, team members, and clients end up scratching their heads, struggling to decipher the message.

We're here to help you fix that!

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Caution: *Generative AI Traps in

Business Communication

  • Accepting mimicry in large language models
  • Determining when 'good enough' isn't good enough
  • Navigating the ethical landscape

*Generative AI is used to create text, audio, images and videos.

How Do You Benefit?

Enhanced Career Opportunities Professionals who communicate well are more likely to be considered for leadership roles, and promotions.

Improved Client and Customer Relations Clear and empathetic communication can lead to higher client satisfaction and retention.

Effective Problem-Solving Clear communication facilitates discussions, brainstorming sessions, and decision-making.

Enhanced Team Collaboration Professionals who can communicate their ideas, expectations, and feedback clearly can work more harmoniously with their colleagues.

Presentation Skills Presentation skills are essential for professionals who need to convey information, proposals, and ideas persuasively.

The Art of Effective Communication Drives Results

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Private or Group

We understand that writing is more than words on a page - it’s about inspiring action.

Step one begins by establishing a solid groundwork of critical thinking to foster positive outcomes. AI serves as a valuable instrument in attaining desirable results.

What exactly is AI and the large language model for business

communication? This is where we begin.

Hybrid or Virtual

In today's hybrid work environment, effective presentations are the linchpin of successful communication.

The ability to influence diverse audiences requires more than speaking. Impact demands finesse, strategy, and the ability to captivate virtual audiences.

Our second service empowers you with the tools you need to convey ideas persuasively.

Executive Sessions

The third dimension of our service spectrum is strategy

A well-developed plan outlines the approach, tactics, and key messages needed to effectively convey information, ideas or messages to

a target audience.

Strategies include marketing, public relations, and internal communications that evolve in response to changing circumstances.

From Sharon A.M. MacLean

Generative AI for content - including text, audio, images and

video - ushered in a new era of communication.

However, while it may be easier to generate reports and disseminate information, the missing ingredient that continues to elude many is critical thinking.

To truly harness the potential of AI in your business communication, it is essential to objectively analyze, evaluate, and synthesize ideas to make informed and reasoned decisions.

When we're good at critical thinking, it actually helps us write better. And when we write well, it makes working with our colleagues easier, smooths out business deals, and boosts

our relationships.

What They Say

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Sharon helped us build the [communications] foundation by diving deep into our mission and values. I am so grateful to Sharon.

~ Sherry Kennett-Schmyr,

Disney Rated #1 Learning Event Strategist

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When I met Sharon it was clear to me that she was a true professional. With her vast experience in traditional media, marketing, and publishing she is a wealth of knowledge.

~ Melonie Dodaro,

#1 Best Selling Author, LinkedIn Unlocked

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Sharon is bright, insightful, high-energy, passionate and well-connected. She is very skilled in helping leaders to focus on priorities, develop a brand, and communicate value effectively .

~Coralie Banks, FCMC, Founder and Co-Pilot

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