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Big Business

Companies obsessed with their customers are the businesses that succeed. Those business leaders are focused on driving higher revenue, keen on evidence-based research, and understand the value of mobile technology as a medium integral to marketing success. Serious Business clients select this model.

• Merge with current databases to create your Smart List
• Strategic 90-Day Plan
• 12 Campaigns per month
• 2 Text Messaging per month/per client w/ audio message linking
• 2 Emails per month/per client
• 12 Dedicated Traceable Phone Lines
• 12 Dedicated Traceable QR Codes
• 12 Lead Capture Pages
• 12 Web Forms (for website)
• 12 Broadcasts per month
• *2 Special Formula 10 x 10 x 4 Video Series submitted to Proprietary Software distributed to 80 sites
• Graphics provided for printing branded postcards/flyers/posters/door hangers
• Social Media integration and development
• Video app for blog/landing pages/squeeze pages/lead capture pages/thank-you pages
• Article marketing with up to 5 submissions per month
• LIVE Conferencing, with instant scalability, sharable in Facebook
• Automated Webinars with Playback feature for “Set and Forget” Events
• 1 Monitoring Report per month
• 1 Coaching session per month
• Automatic email and/or text notification from campaign responses

Buy Now

It’s no secret. People love to see your face and personality come across in a visual way which helps to increase open rates for email communication. It can also be surprisingly inexpensive to produce video—yet, good production values require a creative eye and forward thinking. Therefore, rates vary substantially if someone from your company has a camcorder and editing software or your choose WorldGate Media and our cost-effective plans.
In either case, video will be uploaded and published using our Proprietary Software distributed to 80 sites.

Ideally, your company should produce videos on a regular basis (monthly, for example) and, at the very least, work towards a minimum of three videos per year that tell your story, your impact, and your future goals.

Here’s what we need from you for a good experience.

• We consult with you as to what you want for the content of your emails and text messages. You must define your target markets and the messages you want them to receive (or we can help you with that, too).
• Be prepared and ready for each coaching session.
• Be prepared for the video shoot at the designated time.
• Provide your social media information.
• Be prepared for further development of your campaigns.