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Passport to Growth

For Companies Transitioning to Success

Keeping the doors open in business today isn’t sufficient anymore. The need to find more customers is constant while keeping a grip on return on investment (ROI) is ever vigilant. We’ll arrive at marketing strategies within context of your goals and you’ll receive plans updated against objectives every 90 days. Our Passport to Growth will help to establish systems and processes for your organization.

• Merge with current database to create your Smart List
• Strategic 90-Day plan
• 8 Campaigns per month
• 2 Text Messaging per month/per client with Audio message linking
• 2 Emails per month/per client
• 8 Dedicated Traceable Phone Lines
• 8 Dedicated Traceable QR Codes
• 8 Lead Capture Pages
• 8 Web Forms (for website)
• 8 Broadcasts per month
• Graphics provided for printing branded postcards/flyers/posters/door hangers
• Social Media Integration and Development
• *2 Special Formula 10 x 10 x 4 Video Series submitted to Proprietary Software distributed to 80 sites
• Video app for blog/landing pages/squeeze pages/lead capture pages/thank-you pages
• 1 Monitoring Report per month
• 1 coaching session per month (one hour)
• Automatic Email and/or Text notification from campaign responses

Passport to Growth:

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