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Love Your (Smart) Lists

It all begins with your list. Today, companies must be obsessed with their customers, focused on understanding them and engaging with them better than anyone else. Your customers are prepared with 24/7 research and expect the same from you. They will instantly drop you if they detect that you’re not paying enough attention to them…and want to be respected by having their buying history recoded.

We call a high-performing database your Smart List—and it’s your currency. With a Smart List, you can create deals and establish joint venture momentum. Having a Smart List turns the tables around. When you have both a Smart List and a product, you have the equivalent of a printing press that legally prints money on demand.

We’ve got several ways for you to activate your Smart List.

Automated Follow up
Who likes to be snubbed or forgotten?

DemandGen Report reports, on average, that people who are nurtured along in their communications produce a 20 percent increase in results over those who’ve been ignored.

Another study from MIT shows that follow-up is 22 times more effective when it happens in five minutes or less. It also shows that the value of a connection drops to almost nothing in just a few days if they have not been contacted.

Makes sense—yet, who has enough time to follow up properly after a big conference? The good news is that putting your email and text messages on auto-respond saves you an incredible amount of time. It's like cloning yourself over and over again and then having each clone reply to customers, leads and prospects around the clock.


The problem with most auto-responders, is that they're not interactive. They're a one-sided conversation. Imagine being able to start communicating with your prospects, allowing them to reply, gathering that information, statistically analyzing their responses, and then being able to reply to them.

You can do that.

Please ask us how here

Automated Email Connections
The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing, at all

A key goal for anyone who wants to expand a base of support should be to grow your list of engaged subscribers. You will lose up to 30 percent of subscribers each year due to email attrition, and not all engaged subscribers will become customers, clients or patrons. To grow your business, you need to grow your Smart List.

You can build your list these ways:

♦ Email opt-in form on your website
♦ Business card scanner at tradeshows
♦ White papers, podcasts, e-books, webinar online registration
♦ Through a prompt at the end of a survey
♦ Via the Big 5 social networks: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, G+, and YouTube
♦ Old media advertising—and applying Quick Response codes (QR) or short codes
♦ After presentations and face-to-face seminars
♦ Friend-to-friend shares of your content

The more ways you provide your prospective customers to contact you and get placed into your automatic follow-up system, the better results you're going to achieve.

So why restrict the way people contact you?

More Information here

Lead page generators
Trustworthy people do what they promise—on time

Our service follows up immediately with visitors to your website. Interested readers and viewers who request information from your lead page automatically will be added to a contact record for your Smart List or a specific campaign. Photos and/or videos, too. In only a few minutes, names of people who have expressed interest in your offers may be contacted automatically via an email auto-responder, mobile text message or direct-to-voicemail call. Most database forms just send facts from your site to a system that sits around and does nothing. Replace these old forms with a WorldGate Media Pass it On form and have names on your Smart List assigned to a specific campaign that is configured to automatically connect with visitors using a suite of methods.

Conferences, cocktail receptions, & special events
Lose the fish bowl.

Whoever follows up with all those cards in the big fish bowl? How about 74% of us never do. One of the coolest features that we have at WorldGate Media is the ability to capture contact information from a business card via iPhone app. It allows you to follow up with people even before they leave your networking event. Simply take a photo of a business card so that all the info on the card automatically transcribes into data fields assigned to campaigns of your choice.


You’re at a fund-raising event where you’ve picked up 100 more business cards. Now think about being back at the office taking snap shots of your cards and assigning them to an email auto-responder designed to thank them for attending your very important occasion. That guest will know how grateful you are for taking time from their busy day to attend your event.

Mobile SMS/Text Messaging
The great phone love affair

Young and old alike adore this inexpensive way of staying in touch. Text messages have an astounding 96 percent open rate. Typically, messages are read within an average of 15 minutes after they’ve been received and are responded to within an hour. Mobile phone users appreciate the ease of texting over making a trip to their computer for a reply—especially to people they trust. WorldGate Media subscribers also can text their name, email address, and website to your campaign phone number. Their texted information automatically joins your Smart List and the mobile phone number is recorded so there is no need to ask someone to send in the number. You already have it. Again, you have the ability to follow up via email responder, mobile text message or a direct-to-voicemail call.

QR Codes or Quick Response codes
Work like a charm when used well

They look like square UPC codes, only instead of triggering a cash register to ring up a price, a QR code leads your prospects to ANY pre-determined location on the web, initiates a phone call, embeds a map, schedules an event and more. Now, every cell phone user has the potential to become a prospect AND customer for you, instantly.

QR Codes are a simple way to get someone to engage with your brand or business. Once they scan your code, you might send them to:

♦ a YouTube video of you talking about your products and services
♦ valuable, free content that you're giving away in hopes they opt-in to your follow up campaign
♦ a product demonstration webinar

Whatever it is, if you can put it online, you can send people to it when they scan your QR code.

Intelligence gathering
Shape strategies for going forward

It is all too easy to get caught up in online conversations that are I/me based (we are so good because…we are number one because…). By knowing your customers better, you make them the focal point, you monitor their comments (without dictating), and you are aware of their preferred method of contact.

WorldGate Media offers a POWERFUL business intelligence gathering tool that generates reports that give you valuable demographic information about your customers in a form you can understand.

Using this data can help you formulate future marketing offers to specific customer types that are tailored to their needs.