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Create Quality Content

Irresistible content comes from knowing what you stand for and what makes you unique. It’s not a numbers game. Rather, it has to come from the true essence of who you are as a company or nonprofit and what you stand for as a brand. This is the promise you make and it informs everything you say, write, post, and produce.

Generate leads using a call-to-action in your blog

♦ Nearly 40% of companies use blogs for marketing purposes
♦ Companies that blog have 55% more visitors
♦ B2C companies that blog get 88% more leads/month than those who don’t
♦ B2B companies that blog get 67% more leads/pr month than those who don’t

The world of online marketing depends on search engines and search engines want relevant content. Search engines changed the game between old media and digital media.

Search engines especially pay attention to blogs that attract visitors to your website. Google and, now, Yahoo today control the majority of search engine activity. The more blogs you publish, the more indexed pages you create for search engines to display in their results. This means that business blogging will help you rank in search engines and get found when people type in their search queries for industry-specific products and services.

But what are you going to write about? It’s one of the most frequent challenges marketers face. WorldGate Media can help you a few easy ways to turn yourself into The Company Publisher.

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The human voice warms up your content

Podcasts are similar to blogs. At its core, a podcast is an audio file delivered to your computer. You can rewind a podcast. You can play it over and over. You can pause it. You can store it wherever you want. You can delete it when you want. Podcasts give you the control.

Here’s how a podcast will help build your Smart List.

♦ It’s an easy way to share your own audio content with a focused audience
♦ You become a recognized expert in your niche
♦ Your customers learn more about your business on a regular basis

Imagine if you summarized the latest research on how to buy a new home. Or you explained the benefits of cosmetic dentistry. A busy professional could stay on top of her field by listening to your podcast.

Podcast listeners will develop a connection with you through your podcast. This type of relationship is important for building a loyal audience or customer base. They will become loyal fans.

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An engaging personality opens emails faster

Share your face, your voice, and your personality to build stronger relationships with your customers. The chances of getting your email opened are greatly improved when people see the human element in your email newsletters, promotions, event notices, follow-ups, and thank you’s. We understand that it takes a lot to hold the attention span of customers, which is why we keep our videos simple, short, direct—and effective.

The exciting part is that we can distribute your videos across the Internet to all the best places—in record time. Up-loading videos is a time-consuming task and our systems allow us to move your message to Google, Yahoo, and MSN a couple hours after they are submitted. Keyword domination (more than two listings) usually occurs in 24 to 48 hours.

Connecting to people using online video is the next best thing to being there in person. Your client gets to see you, hear you and hopefully, believe what you're saying enough to want to sign with you.

We can help you with that.
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Evergreen Webinar
A road map helps your customers and prospects get what they need

It's a fact: You can't be everywhere all the time. So, how do you have enough time to keep customers and colleagues stoked on your product or service, so that they warm up enough to buy?

In the online marketing world, evergreen is a term that means "always going" or "perpetual". In other words, you replicate yourself, and act as your best salesperson who works for you 24/7, 365 days a year.

You can choose from three different styles:

♦ On-Demand: This webinar will automatically open once a user registers for your event.
♦ Recurring Event: Allow your subscribers to pick a date that works best for them.
♦ One-Time Event: A one-time webinar creates a sense of urgency.

You’re making business happen every day that you engage your list with a multi-channel follow up strategy in place.

We can help arrange your webinar.
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Books, E-Books and Better mouse traps
People are thirsty for your knowledge

You’ve claimed your topic and mastered it. You know your audience inside and out, and you’re aware of their problems.
You’ve got a story to tell—and you’ve got valuable solutions to share.

Now, how do you market, sell, and fulfill your information products?

WorldGate Media has a system that can show you how to establish yourself as an expert and authority in your niche.
We teach you how to monetize your passion and put you in the driver’s seat so that you are in control.

We’ll show you some game changers.
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Old media lives on
There’s impact in combining the old with the new

Print, radio, and television are not going away any time soon. There’s just new ways to tell your story.

If you're already doing something to capture leads for your business, great job. You’d be surprised how many larger businesses aren’t. But if you’re capturing leads with only ONE type of media or channel, you're missing out.

It’s pretty simple math. When you double the number of leads you capture, automatically follow up and sell to them with a system, you’re going to increase your revenue.

Think about combining some of your traditional methods of communicating with the new ways. We call them channels today. You can repurpose your print brochures and annual reports. Or let's say that, instead of blasting out 500 or 1000 invitations to a fundraising event, you send an email, then send a mobile text, audio email or video email first...automatically see what happens, and then ONLY send a postcard or letter to people who didn't register for your special occasion.