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Coaching Services: Try before you buy

You are looking for someone with a track record of success…a coach who knows what it’s like to meet payroll…who understand the need for making wise financial decisions along the way. Yet, finding a coach with shared chemistry can be elusive—you want to know it’s a good match before jumping in for the long haul.

Try before you buy. Trust in working relationships matters to both of us; below are ways to build confidence as we help to turn prospects and customers into fans of your company or cause.

Risk level low: FREE 1-hour Discovery
A Discovery gives you a snapshot of your organization. Where are your strengths and your weaknesses? We learn about your business and discuss potential ideas to help you reach your goals. We have years of experience in implementing cross-channel communications plans in a wide variety of markets.

Risk level (low-medium): 90-Day Mentorship
As coaches, we get to know one another, set goals and monitor progress over an introductory period. We meet for two hours every other week (four hours per month) for three months based on your schedule.

Risk level (Low): 12-month Mentorship
Longer term coaching relationships bring added benefits for the mentee than shorter term relationships. The partnership extends to half a day a month and talks by telephone or Skype twice a month for an hour. The relationship helps in these ways:

♦ Expanded knowledge and skills
♦ Involvement with a role model
♦ Discovery of the unwritten rules and protocols
♦ Honest criticism and constructive feedback
♦ Empowerment to try new ventures
♦ Increased productivity as competencies develop
♦ Stronger leadership capacity

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