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About us

The team at WorldGate Media are veteran communicators—online and off. We’ve also owned our own businesses, know what it means to meet payroll, and understand that you can lose your shirt with ineffective marketing. Especially online.

You have built a successful business, too. You also know the learning curve in online marketing is steep. Maybe, you feel trapped in old school with push-type sales, one-way advertising, and technical jargon. You also worry about losing momentum if you sit on the fence any longer. Yet, the investment of time required to transition to new-world methods seems formidable.

This is where WorldGate Media comes in.

Collectively, we have spent years researching and testing online strategies and tactics that now are your gateways to the new world. WorldGate Media’s mission is to understand your business culture so well that you keep your momentum of success.

We build long-term relationships with entrepreneurs and business leaders who are prepared to reap the benefits that combine the best of both worlds—online and off. We’ll help you to understand and navigate Web marketing, execute tactics that support your business strategies, and measure success.

The rest of the world started on-boarding nearly 20 years ago, and now it’s time for you to take the leap.

Meet your team

Sharon MacLean – Team Lead

Sharon MacLean A recognized business leader in Alberta’s Capital, Sharon believes we need entrepreneurs to thrive—and flourish—in our linked-up world. She is a multi-platform communications strategist who brings ideas, enthusiasm and a sense of responsibility to everything she takes on. As owner and publisher of a noted magazine for 21 years, Sharon was an innovator in creating quality content for traditional media. She now applies her upgraded knowledge in digital media to the needs of her clients and believes in the value of combining the best of both worlds.

Chetan Khurana - Born to build business

Chetan Khurana You need analytics and data mining? We’ve got you covered with Chetan who’s developed proprietary assessments for your business. Chetan brings 15 years of experience in technology, client relationships, project management, process migration, voice and data. He also has in-depth understanding of ITeS & BPO operations (techies will like that). He’s worked for companies such as DELL International Services (India), Clientlogic, HCL Technologies, and IBM. Not to mention his degrees in accounting and audit to help grow your dream.

Katherine Leighton – Creative anarchist

Katherine Leighton Kate’s worked online since 1995—and she’s still cheerful, efficient and flexible. This web savvy gal brings deep insights and common sense to social enterprise where she’s managed editorial teams and projects, helped build large scale, highly interactive and successful social networks, created and managed direct email marketing campaigns and managed live online events. Over the years, she has worked with TV production companies through to non-profits, entertainment, and media companies. Kate is a co-creator of StoryHands, a television program for Deaf and Hard of Hearing children. Plus she’s got a killer radio voice.

Don Pare - Rainmaker for entrepreneurs taking off

Don Pare Don Pare is a mentor for entrepreneurs taking off like jet pilots. He is the founder and chairman of Real Value Capital RvC Inc. who has mentored and secured investments for many Ottawa, Toronto, Edmonton, VBC and California high-tech start-ups. He believes in detailed flight plans for vision, mission and 5-year goals… pre-flight check lists so entrepreneurs take off straight and true…and full-throttle take-off, so entrepreneurs close their deals. Don Pare applies over 40 years of experience to securing investments for many Ottawa, Toronto, Edmonton, VBC and California high-tech start-ups.

Marina Michaelides - The heart of a story teller

Marina Michaelides Marina is an award-winning communications and marketing professional with over 25 years experience. She sparkles with artistic, strategic, technical and administrative flair. She has excelled in nurturing creative and commercial projects from the ideas phase, through to final delivery, while building successful teams along the way. Her knowledge as a broadcaster and journalist brings a wide perspective to all projects she works on. She has endless enthusiasm, the ability to get along with anyone, thinks laterally, plans with precision and trouble-shoots when best laid plans go bad. Oh yes, she’s a best-selling book author, too. .

What do clients think of us?

Clients perceive us as experienced and passionate entrepreneurs in our respective professions who:

  1. Offer conceptual knowledge and deep experience in business and not-for-profit organizations dedicated to finding better outcomes;
  2. Move quickly to identify solutions in business and communications marketing that align with your goals;;
  3. Deliver services based on relevant analytics.

Vision and Core Values

Vision statements are tough to articulate. If done well in a very few words, ideas will convey how your dreams benefit someone else’s world.

We like to talk about core values at WorldGate Media that are simple and easy for everyone to understand and remember. We trust that our Core Values match our clients because they support the reasons you choose to work with us.

Here’s our core values:

  1. We work best with people who bring personal and professional ethics to the task at hand;
  2. We appreciate how the spirit of collaboration attracts the time and talent of people who deserve to be respected;
  3. We believe that people associated with the mission want to do their best for each other and for the company;
  4. We honor getting paid properly for a job well done.

We also believe those who align with our core values will enjoy the experience. Smart communications marketing—traditional or digital— benefits the most from evidence-based research as well as experience. We are not here to insist that clients choose every shiny new tool that hits the inbox; rather, we prefer to listen to what has worked before for you and combine that wisdom with some of our ideas and methods that will be worth your time.

WorldGate Media’s back-end transitioned from traditional marketing practices to the digital world which means we understand the principles that bridge both worlds. Collectively, we have seen many changes and been through the tests that will benefit your enterprise.

We thrive on doing a good job. We also know that constantly studying the trends in our industry will help you achieve your dreams. And be worth your time.

Our Promise

We have confidence that you will move through gateways that lead to finding new customers, following up faster, and enjoying better relationships for a lifetime of success.