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Joy of publishing across channels

Tell your story. Your way.

The big media giants no longer are in charge. You hold the power to compose your message, design the graphics, and distribute to people who want to know you better. There are no reporters, editors, or space and time limitations to prevent you from sending out your communication exactly the way you want.

Yet, one of the biggest challenges facing all future publishers is that once all those irresistible words and pictures are created, they can sit in isolation on the website.

Distribution is everything and the rules have changed—massively.
There are so many, more ways today to reach your markets that go beyond the old, familiar routes. This control also allows you to reach your audience at a time and place convenient to them.
Anyone and everyone can broadcast a message.
Today’s smartphones have a built-in high-definition camera,that’s the equivalent of a portable TV studio in your hand.
You can publish videos on YouTube, where you can basically create your own TV channel.

Here’s seven more gateways to get your story out.

Email auto-responders
Find new customers, constituents and contacts faster…follow up better

Connecting with your customers via email (such as a weekly email newsletter) has a history of being very effective in getting your promotions and notifications into their hands. The question is how to make it better. Smart Lists mean you send targeted and personalized emails to your contacts—to begin a back-and-forth conversation. Relevant information that your readers are looking for will greatly increase your open rates to drive sales in business and increase donations for non-profits.

WorldGate Media will design an email campaign for you that incorporates our capture methods. You have the flexibility to immediately reply or schedule a future reply to an individual’s query. Although the query came in via email, you can signal the system for an auto response, mobile text message or a direct-to-voicemail call.

Learn more here.

Lead page generators
Trustworthy people do what they promise—on time

Our service follows up immediately with visitors to your website. Interested readers who request information from your lead page (think digital flyer) automatically will be added to a contact record for your master database or a specific campaign. Photos and/or videos, too. In only a few minutes, you can have names of people who may be contacted automatically via an email auto-responder, mobile text message or a direct-to-voicemail call.

Embedded web forms
Smart Lists are a new commodity

Most database forms just send facts from your site to a system that sits around and does nothing. Replace these old forms with a WorldGate Media Pass it On form and have names on your Smart List assigned to a specific campaign that is configured to automatically respond via an email auto-responder, mobile text message or a direct-to-voicemail call.

Mobile SMS/Text messaging
High cost is no longer an obstacle

Young and old alike love this now inexpensive way of staying in touch. Until recently, text messaging, also known as Short Message Service (SMS), mostly was used between two individuals.
The 20-year anniversary for text messaging was in 2012 and much has changed over two decades of using this service.
Since its early days, SMS has evolved and it’s set to grow at an exponential rate. Today, you send text messages to large numbers of subscribers en masse. In the non-profit sector, group text messaging may be used to send urgent calls-to-action that remind supporters to donate while restaurants alert their customers to their menu de jour. There are, at least, a dozen nifty ways to stay in touch with your customers and donors through text messaging.

Direct to Voice Mail
More than shady tricks

Outbound voice messages—not robo-calls as used badly for purposes of manipulation by some political parties—are designed to signal that a message has been received in a voice mail. You do not want to blast to your customers in the middle of something–driving, a business meeting or picking up the kids from school. Whatever the scenario is, you’re interrupting them and not only risk resentment, but actually risk losing them altogether.

WorldGate Media has a way to get your voice message out to customers without the interruption. Calls are placed DIRECT-to-VOICEMAIL on your customer’s mobile phone inbox (their phone doesn’t even ring, it just signals that they’ve received a voicemail). This way when your customer checks for messages at their convenience they will see and review your message. Our research shows that your communication to them is more likely to be heard and they are more likely to respond.

Your instant personal message can make that initial response a true connection, instead of an impersonal, generic response days later.

Find out more here

Social Media
The big picture

Social media is a phrase that’s become synonymous with online communications marketing; it’s only a part of the overall picture. Social media combines with branding and reputation management, search engine optimization (SEO), community, email marketing, lead page generation, pay per click, and web analytics. Yes, statistics generally show that 74 percent of people read reviews before making a purchase decision. And reviews are critical to your business success in both attracting customers and reassuring potential clients.
The key to achieving measurable success, though, is to set goals and objectives, metrics, simple media policies, and buy-in from executive staff. You needn’t join all the latest networks that pop up—but it is important to be part of the Big 5 for business: Linked In, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Google +.

Social media matters for your business or non-profit for these reasons:

♦ Active listening lets you hear what your community is saying–what you’re doing, right or wrong
♦ You get to know your audience better because those are the people who have expressed interest in what you do
♦ You can tell your own story
♦ The CEO gets help engaging with stakeholders
♦ Leadership benefits from recognition
♦ Stories can be told in greater detail
♦ You benefit from hearing more ideas from the crowd
♦ A bad thing may be turned into a positive thing when you tell your side of the story
♦ Your message gets reinforced when others complain

So, you’ve installed all your networks?
Now, it’s all about StoryTeller Management. Here’s how.
Be interesting and keep your messaging simple
This usually means short. Ask a question that entices an immediate response, whether emotional or opinion bases. Ask for Likes, ask for retweats.

Drop in your details here

Author/Expert Marketing
Post-career careers

It’s transition time in your career. You’re not ready to completely retire and you are ready to get paid for your knowledge, know-how, experience, and expertise. This may seem daunting if you’re just beginning.

Before Smart List marketing, it took two years to publish—if you could get a publishing house to even look at your manuscript. Media interviews were tough.Fortunately, we’ve designed some gateways for you, by breaking it down into a blueprint that will save you years of time, money, and effort. It starts with your Smart List which we’ve described—and a Platform.

Now, you ask, “What’s a platform?”

It’s what you know, what you have to say, your special experience and expertise combined with who knows you. Who would pay to read your book? Who is willing to purchase your products? Who would pay just to hear you speak?

When you combine this level of production simplicity and distribution reach with social media channels, there are no longer any barriers. There is no limit to the type of relationships you can build. Today, it is possible to do business with virtually anyone on the planet. So how do you combine this technology with your knowhow into a profitable business?

It’s not necessarily quick and easy. There is no “get-rich-fast” trick to make this work. The fundamentals of all quality businesses still exist in this new market—you still have to add real value, develop your Smart List, establish quality relationships, and operate with integrity. You’re simply using tried and true business tactics to maximize one of the fastest growing market forces in the world, and it can be done by building your platform.

Discover your future as an author/expert here.